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    Fire Extinguishers

South Staffs Fire & Security Ltd offer a supply, 

installation and maintenance service for all your Fire 

Extinguisher, Hose Reel and Dry Riser  needs

All work is carried out in accordance with the relevant British 

Standards, by our fully qualified service technicians.

BS5306 Part3:2009 now includes the commissioning process for 

new equipment which must be undertaken by a competent 

person and covers the process from when it is removed from it's 

original packaging through to when it is positioned in its 

designated place therefore it is no longer possible to purchase 

equipment from the internet or a catalogue and put it straight in 

to service.

BS5306 Part8:2012 now recommends that powder extinguishers 

should not be sited indoors as the use of them can obscure your

vision and effect your means of escape .

Does your exisitng contrator have the correct insurance cover?

we have efficacy cover "The ability to produce a desired or

 intended result" which basically means we have insurance cover 

in the unlikly event that the equipment fails to do what it is 

designed to do !!

Ever been shocked by the size of an invoice from your current fire

extinguisher maintenance company when a large amount of 

equipment becomes due for periodic test? Then why not ask 

about our fixed price maintenance costs? The perfect solution to

keep on top of your budget.

Our new equipment prices INCLUDE installation & commisioning

Many companies are now giving fire extinguishers a shelf life of five

and ten years. 

As there is nothing in the current British Standards 

stating this you can rest assured that SSFS will still carry out 

extended services and overhauls when they become due and 

will not be trying to sell you new extinguishers evrytime they

are due


We can now offer a full in house dry riser maintenance service 

using our own purpose built appliance.

Remember: The testing and maintenance of both dry and wet

risers is the responsibility of the property owners or managing 



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